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Dude, I'm 2 hours in and finished the demo. This is a work of art, I can't believe more people haven't played it yet. Definitely 6 out of 5 stars, I would pay good money for the whole game. Please continue development (especially on Linux)!!


Glad you enjoyed the demo! And I really appreciate your compliments! While I haven't been working on this project recently, it is one story I keep wanting to go back to and finish. That said, I don't know when I will continue development, but I am happy to hear that you want me to continue work on it! Thanks So Much!

(Runs well in both Xubuntu & EndeavourOS Linux)

I'm only 10 minutes in, and I'm giving this a 5-star review. This game is wonderful. Will you continue to develop it? I hope so!

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I'm running Ubuntu and the game brings up an error, "Your browser does not support WebGL."  But it's not running through the Web, so why would it need WebGL if it's not running through a browser in the first place???  I've run other RPG Maker MV games just fine and got RPG Maker MV myself.  Is this suppose to run in a browser???  Tried it in Google Chrome, and it failed to load the "Black.png" for the menu.  So, won't run.


RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser designed to play rpgmaker mv games. It uses a library called Pixi.js which references WebGL. I am unsure as to why you would be seeing this error however... RPG Maker MV's engine should not have this problem with WebGL not being supported

Interesting.  Didn't know RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser.  Learn something knew every day.  But in that case, you're right in that it doesn't make sense.  So, you got me.

Update 9-14-20:  Relatively recently I got App working on my linux computer.  Through fiddling with another program I found out that your RPG Maker game and some other apps will only work if installed and ran through the App.  So I tried installing and running yours through the app and it worked.  I've already played through the demo and I really enjoyed it.  Well done.  Did you make the assets yourself or was it premade assets?  I'm fiddling with RPG Maker MV myself through steam, so I'm just curious.

Thank you, I made the assets myself, and I am glad that you were finally able to play! ;)

- Once an enemy is defeated, it says Enemy "is felled". Change to "has fallen", "has died" (less common), "died", or "fell".

Can you release the soundtrack separately? Thank you.

I played for about ten minutes, and it looks like a really nice game, but on mac I get an error if I try to configure my control or change the volume in the options screen.

An outstanding game that everyone needs to check out. It has our favorite elements from classic RPGs that we love to see. The story kept us wanting more and more. We did a review of this game on our blog check it out. Tagaia Chronicles 

Thank you for your wonderful review! I appreciate all the feedback, and can't wait to improve upon the game even further with your helpful and kind words! ;)

I love the art. It looks like an old video game and that's so cool! Good luck on working on the full game!

Finally beat the final boss! The only other bugs I found were sound inconsistencies and the game not responding when I click a part of the screen occasionally. I can’t wait for the final release!


As I said in my review, I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to more content!


I'd like to suggest adding an extra slot just for the AP Skill, and only being able to have one such skill on at a time. That's how I thought it worked, and having it cut into the other skill item slots to have what are basically two ults is a bit awkward to me.

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Thanks for the suggestion. While not a bad idea, the change would require some reworking on the equipment, which I can do, although I am unsure whether I want to do such. Seeing as AP Skills also come from weapons, having a limit of 1 AP skill isn't really a limit of 1, as you'd still sometimes have 2, and the ultimate work around of either not having AP Skills on weapons or only having AP Skills on weapons doesn't sound fun to me. That said, I really appreciate the suggestion, and will look into ways to address it in the future.

I don't know what plugins exist for MV, but my ideal solution would be for the AP skill to be its own system entirely, instead of being done through equipment. If multiple AP skills were "unlocked", this system would let the player pick one externally from equipment slots. I wouldn't know where to begin on doing that, though, and it's quite playable as is

I look forward to future development on the game!

Hi! I really like this game (from what I’ve played so far) and it works great.  I noticed three bugs involving noticeable lag issues in Ja’gar Prison, the arrow keys sometimes being unresponsive, and clicking a place on the screen taking me in the opposite direction.  I really hope this gets a full release (just as other people in the comments section were saying). I can’t wait to see more!

I love this game SO  MUCH! I really hope you will make more content for us to play. 

I was really hyped to play the game further when I got out of the caves when suddenly I got a message saying 'thanks for playing the demo'.  I hated it so much that is ended already. 

So please, make more updates. I would really love to see a full game of this.


Is it okay that i made a gameplay and uploaded it to youtube? BTW it's a great game

Finally managed to beat the Spider Queen.

Will the full version be a free or paid game?

The full version I plan on refining and polishing even more then what you see in this demo, so I definitely want it to be a paid game available on steam, and maybe here. but yes... definitely paid.

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Okay then.

Love the soundtracks btw. Especially the boss fight soundtrack.

Maybe make the OST purchasable too?

This looks incredible!  Excited to try it when I get home.  Really polished tutorial video and neat animations.  May I ask who did your art assets?

Best of luck ahead!

Haha thanks, I love questions like this! 
That astounding fellow who did my art assets is Gamekrazzy. ;P

all jokes aside, I hope you have a wonderful experience with the demo! :D

I was just wondering, will there be a full release? Because i absolutely love this game xD

Wow very impressive! I never would've guessed you made it with RPG Maker MV.

Hats off to you, friend.

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Name of game engine?
EDIT: Nvm, It's RPG Maker MV (one of your videos gave it away).

I'm having a lot of fun with this.

Also, the first boss (warden) isn't actually hard, except the part where he one shots you (39 DMG). How can I pass that?

Glad to hear that you are having fun with it!

Scan is a great ability by the way, give it a try! 😉

Hey man, I would be interested to know how you turned off the text softening built into the engine, if you don't mind sharing that info?

Victor Sant’s Sprite Font plugin, with a custom sprite font that I made.