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Fun game! I like the penalties, it made it very challenging!


I think controls must be doubled by arrows.


Thank you for making the game, I had tons of fun with it. Here is a little speedrun I've made. Warning: Spoilers ahead (for anyone who hasn't tried the game yet). 

The game was shorter than expected. However, uploaded the saved screenshot because, the screenshot make no sense (bug).

Yeah that is a bug I still haven't addressed yet. It's a cool feature, at least I think it is that is supposed to screenshot your achievement of beating the game, however I couldn't get it to take the screenshot of the text before this before submitting. (I might get to it, but it's not really game breaking, or a huge put-off to my game, so it'll probably be after Ludum Dare 41. Thanks for playing!


Check it out! Make sure to sub to see more entries!

Very well assembled, but I got really stuck on room 3. I found 3 hints that only included 4/5 digits

Deleted 2 years ago

Love the art and music!  really cool game and concept! :D